Medical Alert Jewelry for Food Allergies Could Save Your Child’s Life: Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace


I cannot stress enough the need for food allergic children to wear a medical ID bracelet (or necklace).  At first, I didn’t see the need for my boys to wear one when they were with me until a friend shared with me her story.  She explained how she was in a car accident, no one was hurt badly but when the paramedics arrived on the scene, she quickly filled them in about her kids’ food allergies.  The paramedic asked if the kids wore medical alert bracelets.  When she responded “no,” the paramedic proceeded to explain that if the car accident had been worse and for some reason she was unconscious the paramedics that would arrive on the scene would have no way to know that her children had life-threatening food allergies.  He said that paramedics always look for medical alert jewelry when they arrive on the scene of any accident.

I don’t know about you but after hearing that story, I immediately changed my tune.  Now, the boys wear their medical alert bracelets anytime they leave the house.  As we’re piled in the back hallway getting ready to head to the car you can now hear me say, “did you go potty?  do you have your shoes on?  do you have your allergy band on?”  It’s become part of our routine.  We’ve been doing this for a couple months now and I think I’ve finally got my little men trained.  Just the other day we were in a rush to get my oldest to preschool on time and as we were walking out the back door my youngest hollered, “I don’t have my allergy band, mom!”  And although I was in a hurry and for a brief moment considered leaving the bracelets hanging in our back hallway I remembered what the paramedic said and decided to take the 30 seconds to run back inside to get the bracelets.  Let’s face it, you never plan to get into a car accident.

Being prepared in the case of a car accident is just one reason food allergic kids (or any child with a medical condition) should wear a medical ID bracelet.  If your child is away at school during the day then not only does the bracelet act as a reminder to the teachers but it also alerts the paramedics and medical professionals who would be caring for your child in the case of an emergency.  Does your food allergic child wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace?  Has it been updated with current allergies and contact information?


There are many companies out there that make medical alert jewelry but sometimes it’s hard to fine designs that your kiddos love.  I’m excited to share with you about Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace.  Hope Paige was founded in 2003 and has grown immensely since they opened their doors.  They have partnered with many charitable organizations (Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Kids with Food Allergies, etc.) to not only help those with medical conditions stay safe but to promote awareness.  I just love what they stand for and are committed to.

We are committed to helping our customers protect themselves without feeling branded by their condition.

Isn’t that so true?   What I want as a mom is for my little men to stay safe without feeling like they are defined by their food allergies.  Thanks to Hope Paige my little men have found fun medical ID bracelets that they not only love to wear but other kids often comment on how they, too, want one!  I love that!  All of a sudden, it’s not my little men wishing they were like their friends but the other way around.

Cars Medical Alert Bracelet

Hope Paige makes fashionable, custom engraved, medical ID jewelry for men, women and children.  They have a wide variety of designs, colors and materials that are used to create their many products.  There is even an option to design your own bracelet.  As a mom to two preschool aged boys, my favorite (and their favorite, too) is the Disney Cars Medical Alert Bracelet.  It has a blue rubber watch band with many of the Disney Cars characters wrapped around the sides.  The metal plate can include 4 lines of custom engraving with 15 characters per line.  It was all that I needed to create the perfect food allergy alert band for my oldest.  Of course, it wouldn’t have been enough room to include all of the allergy alert information for my youngest {8 allergies to list}.

However, if you have a child that has lots of allergies then perhaps you might want to consider adding MedicAlert® to your medical ID jewelry through Hope Paige.  MedicAlert® will give you a unique ID number that will be engraved onto your jewelry.  This ID number will allow emergency responders to contact the MedicAlert® emergency response service to retrieve your vital medical and personal information.  This way you can rest assured that your child or loved one gets the proper treatment.


If you don’t feel that you need something that is engraved, Hope Paige also carries red allergy write-on Medibands.  They come in 4 different sizes and can be a great alternative.  The outside says “Allergy Alert” and “See Medical Details Inside.”  You can then write your own message on the inside with a permanent marker.  These bands come in 4 different sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.

Since I’ve come to realize how important it is for my little men to always wear a medical alert band informing others about their food allergies, I also have a Mediband for each boy that I carry in my purse.  This way if we do happen to leave the house without their allergy bracelet then I always have one for them to wear.

Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace has generously offered a 15% discount for all of our readers.  

From now {October 25th, 2013} till November 8th, 2013, enter code ‘EpiFamily’ at check out to receive 15% off your entire order.  Click here to shop for your new medical ID jewelry.

Don’t delay.  Get your food allergic loved one a medical ID bracelet or necklace today so you can rest assured that when they aren’t with you or in the case of an emergency, they will receive the proper medical treatment should something happen.

Disclosure: I received 1 custom engraved Disney Cars Medical ID Band  from Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace to review. The opinions expressed in this post are always honest and do not necessarily reflect those of the brand.  You can read this site’s full disclosure here.

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  1. Leslie says:

    I have a medical alert bracelet, but I hadn’t thought about having my 4-year-old wear it every time we left the house! Thank you for the tip.

  2. Jennifer says:

    When my peanut allergic son started preschool, we shopped around and decided on a medic alert dog tag. He wears it all of the time, so I never have to worry about him not having it on. It has “peanut allergy” and “use epipen jr call 911” engraved on it as well as his name, DOB, and phone numbers for me and his pediatrician. It has worked very well for us.

  3. Kelly says:

    I don’t have any allergies but I kind of want these bands for myself, so cute. Also, I have a new t-shirt design idea “I’m a ‘band’ mom. Get it instead of a soccer mom or cheer mom, etc. I’m an allergy alert band mom. I would buy it along with my fashionable purposeless allergy alert band.


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