Food Allergies in the News: 1/5/2014

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Welcome to our first “Food Allergies in the News” weekly roundup.  In case you missed my previous post, I’m going to be adding two new weekly features to and this is the first one!

I love being apart of the food allergy community.  One of the ways that I do that is by reading daily articles about food allergies.  Perhaps you didn’t know, but the topic of food allergies is in the news each and every day.  The articles vary greatly: sometimes it’s someone sharing his/her food allergy story, or it’s about a new food allergy study that’s about to begin, or about school legislation, or sometimes it’s even about a new allergy-friendly product.  Either way, I find that it helps me be a better food allergy mom when I know about the latest stories and studies.

So each and every week (on Sunday), I’m going to gather up what I believe are the most interesting food allergy articles and bring them to you in one post.  Now you can be in the “food allergy know,” too!

So here is the roundup for January 5, 2014:

  1. In The Boston Globe, “Eating Nuts During Pregnancy Linked to Lower Allergy Risk.”  I don’t know about you but I ate lots of peanut butter during both pregnancies and it didn’t seem to make any difference for me.  How about you?  Did you eat nuts during your pregnancy?  Did you do different things for different pregnancies?
  2. In The Windsor Star, “School Peanut Butter Drive Cancelled Over Allergy Concerns.”  My peanut allergic son isn’t in school yet so I haven’t had to cross this bridge.  But for all of you with peanut allergic children, would running a peanut butter drive at your child’s school make you nervous?  I am glad that the school responded so quickly to the parent’s concern.  What are your thoughts?
  3. On, “2013: From Tragedy to Allergy Accommodations.”  Gwen Smith does a wonderful job of summing up some of the food allergy lows and food allergy highs that we saw in 2013.  Of course we all remember the food allergy death of  13-year old Natalie Giorgi.  Her death rattled the food allergy community to it’s core.  Her death brought about lots of conversation about when to use epinephrine.  I know it drastically changed our game plan.  But despite her death, there have been incredible strides in the community to make the world a safer place for our food allergic loved ones.  What’s your favorite food allergy story from 2013?
  4. On, “Probiotics Shown to Dramatically Heal Food Sensitivities.”  I know this article is referring to those suffering food sensitivities and not specifically for those who have life-threatening food allergies.  However, over the years I’ve heard a lot of families swear by probiotics and their healing power for food allergies.  What do you think?  Do you give your food allergic kids probiotics?  Have you seen a difference?
  5. On, “Helping Travelers with Food Allergies and Special Diets.”  Do you travel much with your food allergic loved one?  I know that we’ve traveled a bit and I have found that translation cards have been incredibly helpful at times.  SelectWisely provides translation cards for those traveling with food allergies and special diets.  They’ve also just launched a new website.    Check them out, you’ll love them!
  6. On, “Breaking Food Allergy News: FAACT has Arrived.”  Caroline Moassessi is an incredible food allergy mom, blogger and advocate.  I absolutely love following her each week, you should, too!  In this article she shares about FAACT (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team).  According to Caroline, “FAACT’s mantra is to be The Voice of Food Allergy Awareness!”  How awesome is that!  I’m excited to dive in to FAACT’s website more in the next couple weeks.
  7. On, “Allergy Alarm: Teenage Diet Can Be Deadly.”  In this news video coming to us from Australia, they share about the increased dangers for teenagers with life-threatening food allergies as they begin to test the waters away from their parents’ supervision.  Do you have a teenager?  What practices have you put into place to keep him/her safe when they are away from you?

I hope you enjoyed reading these articles.  What was your favorite?   What did you see in the news that I missed?

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  1. Nicole says:

    Well, my son has a peanut allergy and I can tell you…. I ate peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and honey sandwiches A LOT!!! I had morning sickness ALL DAY and the protein in the peanut butter was a go to for me. I am calling that one a MYTH!!!

    And as for the probiotics article, I would have to call that one a “MYTH” as well. We had ear infections from the time my son was 6 months old till a they day before his 1st birthday, we got tubes!! What a difference!! But while he was on antibiotics during all of those ear infections… we would always take probiotics. As a matter of fact, anytime we do an antibiotic, we do a probiotic with it!!

    Man I wish there was a simply solution!! There just isn’t…. well, there is, it is avoidance!!!

    • Nicole, We’ve had very similar experiences at our house, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us! Hope you are having a great start to 2014!

  2. I too ate lots of peanut butter during pregnancy before and after I had my child, It didn’t seem to help. I did just hear someone tell me they are in or just finished stage 3 testing for a vaccine for peanut allergies… I sure hope that was right!

    • Christi,
      I, too, have heard rumors of a vaccine for peanut allergies. Can’t wait to get my hands on more information. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope you are having a great start to 2014!

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