Food Allergies in the News: 1/19/2014

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Welcome back to our “Food Allergies in the News” weekly roundup.

Sorry that this is getting to you a bit latter today.  My parents watched my little men last night so the Hubster and I could have some much needed R&R!

Each Sunday, I’m going to gather up what I believe are the most interesting food allergy articles from the week prior and bring them to you in one post.  It’s just like getting your Sunday paper!  This way you can be up-to-date on all of the food allergy happenings, too!

So here is the roundup for January 19, 2014:

  1. In The Daytona Beach News-Journal, “Peanuts Most Common Food Allergen.”  Peanuts continue to be the most common food allergen.  Does your child have a peanut allergy?  My youngest does but my oldest does not.
  2. On, “Children’s Food Allergies Are On The Rise.”  Of course for all of us, food allergy parents, we aren’t surprised by these statistics.  What I really wan to know is WHY?
  3. In The Manawatu Standard, “Life-Saving Technology Sourced Overseas.”  I can’t imagine having to go online to try to find epinephrine auto-injectors.  Can you?
  4. On Spotlight.Vitals.Com, “False Sense of Security?  Federal Food Allergy Guidelines.”  Have you looked over the new Federal Food Allergy Guidelines?  What do you think?  Does it give our children and those caring for our children a false sense of security?
  5. On, “Table-Top Tablets — A Boon For Restaurants and Diners With Food Allergies.” I am SUPER excited about these tablets!  I think they are a great way for food allergy families and other families on a special diet to clearly select a safe option while dining out.  I can’t wait till these come to a restaurant near me!  What do you think about them?
  6. On, “Ex-Pontypool Teacher Bakes Treats for People With Food Allergies.”  I just love stories like this!  I love when others embrace the food allergy community and try to make our lives a bit easier.  I just want to give Rhys a big hug!
  7. On, “Health Experts Dispute Reason Behind Spike in Food Allergies.”  These articles fascinate me.  What do you think about the TILT theory?
  8. On, “GMOs Are Here to Stay — Should You Be Worried?”  While on the topic of the reason for the rise in food allergies – this is one of my personal theories.  What do you think about GMOs?  Do you eat foods containing GMOs?
  9. On, “School Faces Human Rights Complaint Over Student’s Egg, Dairy Allergy.”  What are your thoughts?  Do you think a school can really go dairy and egg free?  Should they?  I’d be concerned that this would give everyone a false sense of security.  What do you think?
  10. On, “Food Allergy Research & Education Launches New National Program to Help Make College Campuses Safer for Students with Food Allergies.”  This is so exciting!  I haven’t even begun to think about college and food allergies but I have a handful of food allergy friends with kids getting ready to go.  I know how nervous they are about it and I’m so glad that FARE is stepping up to help.

I hope you enjoyed reading these articles.  What was your favorite?   What did you see in the news that I missed?

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  1. Leslie says:

    I like the new federal guidelines. It is amazing to me how many craft projects in Sunday school classes and school classrooms involve food. Children can learn to count, make patterns, etc. without using m&ms, Cheerios, etc.

    • Leslie,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. Everyone is much more food allergy aware when food is around but don’t think about it when it’s craft time. We sent special paint with my oldest to preschool this year for him to use because they didn’t know whether or not the school paint contained egg whites. At this point, craft time almost makes me more nervous. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Leslie says:

    I agree with you about the GMOs being linked to food allergies. I try to buy organic versions of many products to avoid GMOS and I have quit using canola oil since almost all canola oil is genetically modified. I hope our government will require labeling soon.

    • YES and YES! We do the same thing. I’m incredibly disappointed in our government for not requiring these products be labeled. It seems only fair that the public be notified about the GMOs and let them decide whether or not they want to eat the food. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for future legislation.

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