Auvi-Q: The Epinephrine of Tomorrow


One of my biggest complaints about carrying Epi-Pens® is their size.  Of course, I have to carry 4 with me everywhere I go because both of my boys have life-threatening food allergies {see our story here}.  This prevents me from ever carrying a cute, stylish purse.  All of my bags {yes, I call them bags because of their size}, are the size of a small toddler.  When I go out, I always grab diapers and wipes for my youngest, Christian’s allergy bag, Atticus’ allergy bag, my wallet, cell phone and keys.  {The allergy bags contain 2 Epi-Pens®, an Epi-Pen® training device, a bottle of Benadryl® and a syringe for administering the Benadryl®.  Christian also has his inhaler and spacer.}  The allergy bags themselves aren’t very small.  Atticus’ is about the size of a clutch.  {The bags that I refer to as the boys’ “allergy bags” are wet bags created by Monkey Foot Designs.  They have a waterproof inner lining and can be washed time and time again.  I like this because sometimes the Benadryl will leak if the cap isn’t on tight enough and this way my bag, aka purse, won’t get wet and sticky.  There are lots of fabrics and sizes to choose from.  There are many uses for a wet bag, this is just one of them!}  This explains my need for a bag the size of an overnight bag for all of my going-out needs.

Now I’m not complaining, because I feel incredibly blessed that epinephrine exists to help keep my boys safe and alive.  And I’m glad that they allow us to carry them with us. I just wish they weren’t so big.  I especially feel bad when the hubster takes one or both of the boys out.  He has to carry one or both of the allergy bags and let me tell you, there is NO masculine way to carry those suckers!  {Probably something that I should work on, finding him a more masculine way to carry them.  I need to get him a murse!  Who’s seen that Seinfeld episode?}  Then you add the fact that once my little men get older and need to self-carry their meds, they are going to walk around with a fanny pack around their waist.  No offense to those who like fanny packs, but let’s be honest lots of people have tried to make them cool {I recall an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw tries to bring it back} but they just aren’t!  And there is nothing more that our kids want {and we want for our kids} than for them to feel like they fit in.  So unless, everyone else is going to start sporting the fanny pack, our kids will continue to be the ones that get picked on and left out.  We either need a better way to self carry the Epi-Pens® or we need a new design for the epinephrine.


Good News!!  It looks like someone else had the same thought!!!!  Have you heard about the new Auvi-Q™ Epinephrine Auto-Injectors?  It’s made by Sanofi.  It’s been FDA Approved and is in final stages prior to being released to the public.  Here are a couple reasons why I’m so excited to see it in person and consider using it as my primary source of epinephrine.

  1. It is voice activated and walks the user through each step.  It also has the steps clearly marked on the device and you can bypass the vocal cues if you know how to use it.  This is a great feature for grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters and school teachers.  If you are like me, then you personally train all caregivers on how to use the Epi-Pen®.  However, if everything goes smoothly then they will never need to use it.  Months may go by since the training and I worry that if and when the Epi-Pen® is needed that the caregiver will forget how to use the auto-injector.  Everyone knows that time is precious when your son or daughter is having an anaphylactic reaction…every second counts!  This way they can grab the device and let the device walk them through the steps.  Brilliant!
  2. It’s size!  It is the size of a credit card and the width of a smart phone.  It can fit into the pocket of your jeans {verdict is still out on the skinny jean} and small purse.  Um, did you hear that??? SMALL PURSE!!!!  Perhaps I can, one-day-soon, use all of my pre-kid purses that I have and love.  And yes, I never thought that I’d ever refer to my small purses and clutches as a pre-kid item.  I knew I wouldn’t carry them while I had an infant and toddler but beyond that…goodness!  This will also be great for older kids/teens who self-carry their epinephrine.  They will no longer be the fanny-pack-wearing kid on the playground!  YES!  YES!  AND…YES!
  3. Injection time.  The Epi-Pen® must be held to the thigh for 10 seconds for injection to complete.  The new Auvi-Q™ only needs to be held for 5 seconds for the injection to complete!  This is huge for everyone.  Especially those with small children as they can be squirmy.

I just want to run down to the Sanofi Headquarters and give each one of their staff a great big wet hug!  {wet from the tears of joy that will be streaming down my face}  This is such a huge breakthrough in helping our food allergic family members have a better quality of life. So many prayers from so many people have been answered in the arrival of this device, mine included!

Some of my fellow food allergy bloggers were invited to the Sanofi headquarters to see and learn about the new Auvi-Q™ device in person.  Check out their blogs and read about their take on the new device.  Once you’ve read their article about Auvi-Q™, stay awhile and check out their sites.  These are some of my favorite food allergy bloggers, ones I read daily!

For more information and to check out a demo video created by Sanofi to demonstrate how the Auvi-Q™ is used, click here.

What are your thoughts on the new device?
Are you as excited as I am?

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  1. I think we might have a winner here! Can’t wait to actually buy a few Auvi-Q for my son! Love your blog too! Keep up the good work in our food allergy community. That feeling of loneliness from when my son was a toddler is such a distant memory thanks to technology!

    Have a great week!

    • Isn’t technology wonderful!! Being able to connect with other food allergy parents has been huge!! Did Sanofi give you a timeline for the Auvi-Q’s release? I’m seriously so excited I can barely stand it!! Blessings!

  2. Brooke Johnson says:

    I have been in search for a bag/case/backpack for my almost nine year old for quite some time. Do you know of anything that is more of a backpack and less of a bag? I’m afraid my sweet, loving, smart, and absent minded son may put his case/bag down and not remember where it is. If he had a small backpack maybe he could keep track of it better, not to mention it might look cooler. I know looking cool shouldn’t be a concern when my son could have a fatal reaction, but I’m just trying to make things easier and keep him feeling “normal”.

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